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Personal injury solicitors

About Our Criminal Defence Team

Farleys Solicitors are firmly established as one of the UK’s leading criminal defence law firms. We are based in Lancashire and Manchester with office facilities in London, and have a nationwide client base.

Our expert solicitors offer the highest quality of legal services across the whole spectrum of criminal defence work – offering a complete service, that is, from arrest through to appeals in the Supreme Court.

Our department is composed of three distinct teams of crime solicitors, each specialising in key areas of criminal law, namely:

• Fraud and Business Crime
• Serious Crime
• Criminal Defence

How We Work

As criminal lawyers, we deal in evidence, and believe there is no better evidence of the quality of our team than the results we achieve for our clients.

Our department is highly regarded amongst clients and professionals alike. We work and fight very hard indeed for our clients, utilising the highest level of skill and expertise developed over many years.  We believe that our case outcomes are testament to this with considerable successes over many years.

We have access to an extensive range of technological aids, expert witnesses and a network of fellow solicitors, and will utilise all these resources during the construction of your defence.

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Where We Work

Distance is no object in terms of where clients and cases are based. We have for many years had work in literally every part of the country, and further afield.  Our years of experience mean that we are able to draw upon the expertise of a national network of leading legal and professional experts, including leading barristers and QCs, forensic scientists, medical experts, accident reconstruction experts, and forensic accountants, who can help us to ensure that your interests are properly protected and defended at all times.

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Hereford: 52.055400, -2.715170
Worcester CC: 52.190698, -2.224215
Maidstone: 51.272178, 0.534691
Stafford CC: 52.848100, -2.176360
Harrow CC: 51.566670, -0.333330
Southampton CC: 50.941582, -1.472281
Nottingham CC: 52.974203, -1.164711
Southwark CC: 51.467160, -0.060600
Old Bailey: 51.515830, -0.101910
Blackfriars CC: 51.502428, -0.100116
Chester CC: 53.207393, -2.881343
Carlisle Cases: 54.889669, -2.934311
Newcastle CC: 54.987630, -1.633844
Colne - Murder Acquittal: 53.856800, -2.169120
Birmingham Cases: 52.481400, -1.899830
Preston Crown Court: 53.763934, -2.703710
Cases in London: 51.508500, -0.125740
Liverpool Crown Court: 53.410600, -2.977940
Burnley CC: 53.800000, -2.233330
Leeds Crown Court: 53.796200, -1.539850
Blackburn: 53.749700, -2.479750
Sheffield Cases: 53.383000, -1.465900
Manchester Crown Court: 53.479100, -2.244100
Bolton CC: 53.578700, -2.466970
Wood Green CC: 51.602200, -0.112568
Mold CC: 53.166700, -3.141430
Stoke on Trent: 53.018000, -2.164550
Bradford: 53.792856, -1.750259
Plymouth CC: 50.371300, -4.142570
Shrewsbury CC: 52.707900, -2.754010
Leicester CC: 52.636800, -1.131230
Lincoln CC: 53.233600, -0.539217
Barrow CC: 54.126500, -3.212340
Teeside CC (Middlesborough): 54.576000, -1.234400
Kingston Upon Thames: 51.409600, -0.306262
Derby CC: 52.921300, -1.476150
Dudley CC: 52.511500, -2.082010
Bristol CC: 51.453800, -2.597300
Northampton CC: 52.241300, -0.886896
Caernarfon CC: 53.139000, -4.269190
Hull CC: 53.744500, -0.332005
York CC: 53.958700, -1.061440
Swansea CC: 51.621100, -3.946780
Woolwich Crown Court: 51.482700, 0.062334
Cambridge Crown Court: 52.203000, 0.138251
Poole: 50.717900, -1.981520
Canterbury Crown Court: 51.280000, 1.080250
Norwich Crown Court: 52.628600, 1.292270
Coventry: 52.408200, -1.510480
Chelmsford CC: 51.734500, 0.472454
Swindon CC: 51.561400, -1.785690

Contact a Criminal Defence Solicitor

Our team of expert criminal defence solicitors is available to assist whenever and wherever you are and will defend you 24 hours per day. If you are accused of an offence, have been arrested, charged or are on bail, please contact us as soon as possible.

To speak to an experienced criminal defence lawyer today please call 0333 331 4448 or email us. Alternatively, the team can be contacted on our 24 hour emergency line by calling 01254 606050.

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