Asbestos related diseases are some of the most aggressive and often life threatening industrial conditions. Often taking the form of cancer, in particular mesothelioma, once patients are diagnosed they are often given a very limited prognosis.

Understandably, this can be a particularly stressful and emotional time for both the sufferer and their family. During this time, making a compensation claim is perhaps the last thing on their minds. However, if and when the time is right, it is useful to be armed with information and facts relating to compensation claims of this nature.

Here we provide a useful guide to the steps involved in the process of making an Asbestos compensation claim.

Obtaining medical evidence
If you are suffering with a respiratory disease that has been linked to past Asbestos exposure, the first step in making a claim will be to obtain medical evidence to support your claim. This will take the form of an investigation and medical report by a specialist, as instructed by our team of solicitors. If you are a loved one acting on behalf of a deceased family member, their medical reports can be used during this process.

Establishing cause
Once a medical report has been prepared, the next step will be to link the disease to periods of Asbestos exposure. As Asbestos was widely used in many industries historically, many of the people now suffering with Asbestos conditions will have been exposed to the substance in the workplace. Despite the dangers of Asbestos having been known for up to 50 years, many employers did little to act upon this information. Establishing that a previous employer was in some way to blame for the exposure will form a vital part of the compensation claim process.

Finding your employer
The next step in making a claim is to locate the employer(s) that were negligent. Again, due to the historic nature of these claims, many employers that were responsible for allowing Asbestos exposure to continue now no longer exist. If this is the case, you can still claim Asbestos compensation through the insurance company which provided insurance at the time of the exposure to Asbestos.

Due to the fact that Asbestos related conditions can take decades to surface, the process of pursuing a claim can involve numerous challenges. However, our team of solicitors are dedicated to obtaining the right result for clients and have helped many victims of Asbestos illnesses and their families to obtain the compensation they deserve.

To speak to one of our solicitors about making a no win no fee Asbestos claim, contact us here. We are happy to discuss the circumstances of your claim without charge.