Recent figures have shown a 90% increase in convictions of drivers using their mobile phones at the wheel.

Laws on using mobile phones while driving were updated in 2022 to keep in line with modern devices and the various ways in which they can now be used. Previously, the law (under Regulation 110 of Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations 1986) prohibited the use of mobile phones for interactive communication’, predominantly phone calls and messaging or accessing the internet but in 2022 these restrictions were expanded to include the use of a mobile device for any reason apart from the following exemptions:

  • emergencies,

  • to make a payment using contactless payment at a payment terminal for goods and services, while the vehicle is stationary or,

  • for navigation purposes (using a sat nav) while driving, provided the device is kept in a cradle and not the driver’s hand.

Drivers convicted of using their mobile phone for any reason other than the exemptions mentioned face a penalty of six points on their licence and a £200 fine.

Data from the Ministry of Justice has shown that 13,332 drivers were convicted of using their mobile phones while driving in 2022. This is 6,342 more than the 6,990 recorded in the year prior.

It’s thought that the increase in convictions has come as a result of a crackdown by police using new roadside cameras and unmarked heavy goods vehicles to closely monitor drivers’ behaviour. I’ve previously written about the new Vector SR Speed Camera, which can also capture drivers using their mobile phones. You can find out more about the cameras here.

If you’ve been convicted of a driving offence, whether that’s using a mobile phone whilst driving, speeding, or another offence, and you feel it was incorrect or your reasoning fits within the confines of the law, we at Farleys may be able to assist. We also have experience in totting up cases where we have successfully clients in keeping their licences where their points have totted up to a possible ban.

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