A 102 year old woman is thought to have become the oldest person to win a medical negligence claim in the UK after she successfully won her case against a hospital in Kent. Mrs Lydia Eaton was awarded £35,000 in damages after successfully pursuing a claim after she was discharged early from the A & E department of Medway Maritime Hospital.

Mrs Eaton fell in an accident in her home when she was aged 97, causing a fracture to her pelvis. Despite her age and the injury she had suffered, Mrs Eaton was discharged after only 8 hours. The High Court Judge in the case found agreed that had she not been prematurely discharged, Mrs Eaton would have retained the ability to walk for an extended period of time. As it was, the previously active and mobile great-great grandmother’s condition deteriorated rapidly; within two months being moved to a specialist care home in Sittingbourne, Kent.

Mrs Eaton’s daughter, Elaine Griffin, pursued the case on behalf of her mother saying it was ‘not about the money’. The compensation payout will help to ensure that Mrs Eaton can receive the ongoing care she needs and also provides some sense of justice following the poor treatment she received from the hospital.

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By Des Draper,
Medical Negligence Solicitor