We all know that accidents do happen and it is perfectly normal for children to end up with bumps and scratches that are simply a result of an active and adventurous childhood. Sometimes, however, children can suffer long-term injuries which are caused through acts of negligence or omission by the people or organisation with responsibility for their safety.

Figures obtained by an employment advisory service as a result of a freedom of information request have revealed that during the past three years, more than £1.5 million was paid in compensation as a result of injuries to children in schools across Greater Manchester’s 10 boroughs.

The results reveal injuries including fractured bones and severed fingers, often caused by unsafe equipment in use in school classrooms and during PE.

A spokesman for the company that conducted the research commented: “These figures are shocking and clearly not enough is being done to protect children in schools from what are, in the main, preventable accidents. The statistics emerging…  are only the tip of the iceberg and the total number of accidents occurring in schools across England and Wales no doubt runs into many thousands more.”

If your child has been injured at school or in nursery, and their injuries required medical attention and/or continue to affect their day to day life, it may be worthwhile taking some initial advice on whether there are grounds to bring a personal injury claim on their behalf.

Unlike most other types of personal injury claims, the three year limitation is different in child accident claims as it only applies from the day the child turns 18. In other words, you have until a child turns 21 to make an injury claim, even if the accident occurred several years previously.

Can Farleys help?
Looking after a sick or injured child can be stressful, frightening and often downright unpleasant. It can be particularly upsetting if a child becomes ill or is hurt when they are being looked after by somebody else, especially where you suspect that negligence has played a part in the accident.

Our personal injury solicitors have successfully pursued many child accident claims and we will do everything possible to ensure the process is straightforward for you, minimising any stress to you or your child.

We understand that you may have reservations about making a claim against your child’s school or nursery, especially if you have any other children that attend there. It is important to remember that any injury award you win will be covered by the school’s insurers so will not be payable directly by the organisation.

The rules and procedures for bringing a claim on behalf of a child are slightly different to those for an adult, so it’s worthwhile dealing with an expert from the outset.

Contact a Personal Injury Solicitor
Wherever possible, Farleys will pursue a personal injury claim on a ‘no win no fee’ basis for your child; meaning that they will keep the entirety of any compensation awarded.

For free initial advice on pursuing a personal injury claim for a child, please do not hesitate to contact us to arrange a free appointment.