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Custody Disputes

Custody Disputes

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Farleys Solicitors has a specialist team of family law solicitors who provide expert advice on arrangements for a child or children including who they should live with and who a child or children should see.

‘Sole custody’ and ‘joint custody’ have not existed in English law since 1991. Sole custody was where the child lives with one parent only and became known as Sole Residence. Joint custody was where the child split his or her time between both parents and became referred to as Shared Residence. At the same time ‘Access’ rights for a child changed in name to ‘Contact’. In April 2014, Residence and Contact orders were replaced by Child Arrangements Orders. A Child Arrangement Order can specify who a child lives with and the time a child spends with another person.

A specialist child law solicitor from Farleys Solicitors can help resolve disputes over where children should live and when they should see the other parent or siblings. In the event of a divorce or the breakdown of a relationship, we always advise clients to try and agree the usual arrangements for children without the intervention of the court.
Typically, both parents will share decisions for children and will agree where the child lives. In many instances the child will primarily live with one parent and spend weekend time and holidays with the other parent, although in some instances the child may share his or her time more evenly between parents.

We also advise on other issues regarding a child’s welfare such as where children should go to school, or the legal issues relating to one parent moving away with a child within the UK or abroad.

Parental Responsibility

A biological father who is not married to the mother or whose name is not on the birth certificate does not automatically have parental responsibility for a child. A step parent does not automatically get parental responsibility for a stepchild either. Without parental responsibility, a parent does not have the right to make decisions about the care and welfare of their child. Farleys has a team of experienced family law solicitors who can help parents who have issues over paternity or who wish to acquire Parental Responsibility for their children.

Other Children Disputes

We also have considerable experience helping grandparents retain contact and links (‘access’) with their grandchildren.
When there is potential for a child to be abducted, if this has occurred, we have experienced solicitors to offer advice about preventing child abduction and who can help ensure their safe return.

Whenever children are involved we will always focus on what is in the child’s best interests. Legal aid is available in some cases and we can advise you on whether you will qualify.

Contact a legal expert now to get advice on any child arrangements dispute whether it relates to who a child lives with (‘custody’), who a child spends time with (‘access’) or anything else. Farleys Solicitors have lawyers waiting to help you, contact us by e-mail or on 0125 460 6090.

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