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Civil Partnerships

Civil Partnerships

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The family law solicitors at Farleys can provide legal advice about civil partnerships including the financial consequences. Civil partnerships provide same-sex couples similar rights and benefits to a marriage with some minor differences in the eyes of the law. If you have questions about the how a civil partnership will affect your finances, your children or your inheritance rights; then you should speak to a Farleys family law solicitor who will explain all of the benefits and implications of entering into a civil partnership.

When you enter into a civil partnership, you get the following benefits that a married couple would receive:
• Joint treatment of income-related benefits and pensions
• Inheritance
• Tax
• Access to compensation
• Recognition as next of kin

Our solicitors and lawyers are experts in the legal differences between civil partnerships and marriages and we have specialists in drafting pre-partnership agreements which work like pre-nuptial agreements. Should your relationship break down, our divorce lawyers can also advise you on obtaining a dissolution, the equivalent of a divorce for a civil partnership.

Alternatively same-sex couples can now enter in to a marriage instead of a civil partnership and Farleys can advise you on the differences between the two. It is also possible from December 2014 to convert an existing civil partnership to a marriage.

Should you wish to dissolve your civil partnership then, like in a divorce, you will need to come to a financial settlement which provides for both partners and any children (which means you may be required to provide maintenance to your partner and/or child support) and for the sharing of any property. We will keep the dissolution process as stress free as possible and do our utmost to help you maintain a cordial relationship with your partner.

Farleys Solicitors has offices in Manchester, Blackburn, Burnley, Accrington and Shadsworth. We deal with all legal issues arising from the breakdown of a civil partnership. For legal advice contact a Farleys solicitor or lawyer on 0125 460 6090 get in touch by e-mail.

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