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If you are a UK employer needing advice and assistance with severance packages or compromise agreements, or require advice regarding disputes with employees over compromise agreements, the Employment Law team at Farleys can help you. Our employment law solicitors are experienced in the provision of compromise agreements and can advise you of the legal issues surrounding contract termination and severance packages.

To arrange an initial consultation with a compromise agreement solicitor, contact Farleys’ Employment Law team on 0125 460 6090or e-mail us  and arrange an initial consultation.

Why Contact a Compromise Agreement Solicitor?

Under the terms of UK employment law, drafting a legally binding compromise agreement is the only method an employer has of limiting employment liabilities and ensuring against any future claims by the employee, relating to matters arising from the employment contract between the parties and statutory employment law.

By employing a specialist compromise agreement solicitor, an employer can ensure the compromise agreement they present to a departing employee is both legally drafted and binding and adheres to all necessary statutory requirements.

Once the employer, the employee and the employee’s solicitor has signed a compromise agreement, that agreement represents an end to any legal claim one has over the other.  As a result, compromise agreements are becoming increasingly popular as a method of both parties agreeing on a severance package without the threat of future reprisals. A confidentiality clause can also be drafted into the agreement, either disallowing the employee from disclosing the details of the agreement, or preventing them from disclosing that a compromise agreement has been entered into.

What will Farleys’ Compromise Agreement Solicitors do?

Farleys’ employment law team will provide legal advice and guidance to you, the employer, throughout the course of the compromise agreement drafting process, ensuring the final document is legally binding and adheres to all relevant aspects of UK employment law. In order to be legally binding, a compromise agreement must:

  • be in writing;
  • identify the employee’s legal advisor (who must have professional indemnity insurance);
  • relate to a specific complaint made by the employee.

It is also important to remember that the employee cannot waive their right to legal counsel. For a compromise agreement to be legally binding the employee must have received legal advice from a qualified employment law solicitor.

Contact an Employment Law Solicitor at Farleys

If you are a business owner in the midst of negotiating a severance package with an employee, and you are interested in drafting a compromise agreement that will ensure your business is not vulnerable to future compensation or liable for employment claims, such as unfair dismissal claims, contact the employment law team at Farleys on 0125 460 6090 or e-mail us  to arrange an initial consultation.

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